OSSN Error

I have tried installing the open source social network script using softaculous but every time i proceed, it shows requirements not met error even though i have filled all information required… anyone has any idea on how this works and whats going on?

Social networking scripts are not allowed on our free hosting because they tend to require a lot of resources. It’s not unlikely that the same limits prevent your script from being installed too.

excuse me

can you tell us what scripts are we allow to use?

for example i’d like to use wordpress, piwik and lychee

These are the most important rules to remember, as quoted from the terms of service:

Scripts on the site must be designed to produce web-based content, and not to use the server as an application server.


The primary purpose of any script must be to produce a web page.

So having Wordpress or an image gallery is fine. Hosting your own tracking system however is not recommended (you could use a third party service like Google Analytics for that).

Oh alright, actually it was for a project where we had to customize it to add features and removed the feature for anyone to join, so it wasnt really a social network but no problem.