Origin is unreachable

Hello how are you doing? Recently I’ve been experiencing some instabilitys in my website, sometimes when trying to access I get “Origin Unreachable” and the problem seems to be with the host according to my browser and to the following printscreen:

So my doubt is, how do I know if this problem is coming from high traffic or not? I am willing to pay for a better hosting plan from you if thats the case.

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the magic elves of free hosting are doing some maintance now so u cant access your website at the current moment.
also, I noticed you got redirected to suspended-domain.org for some reason…?

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Oh understood, I dont know why the redirection guess it is something with my browser (Brave), about the hosting, do you know if I get a premium plan, things like maintenance and website downtime will be reduced?

For me your website now works fine, so the issue is already solved. If you’re still being redirected, try to clear your browser cache. Anyway, with Premium Hosting, you’ll have a better uptime experience than on free hosting, so maintenance and website downtime are only to be expected rarely.


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