Origin DNS Error 1016

Website: abienterprises.co

Error: Origin DNS Error 1016

Hi Infinity Free Team,

I previously had an account with a different email address but the account got deleted after one of the domains expired and got closed because of lack of visitors. But I had some free let’s encrypt ssl on the account. So I used it on another domain. The problem here is that in the new hosting even though the name servers are changed the Cloudflare CDN still points to this domain and I have no way of revoking the certificate as the account is deleted.

I found that this is the problem through this post on cloudflare.

Please help me fix this as soon as possible.

Thank You


I would just generate a new certificate. They are free and it does not take long.

Since the old account was removed, we cannot recover the private and certificate keys from it.


Yes I understand generating a new certificate is easy but is there a way to revoke the old certificate or fix the cloudflare error?

It says Origin DNS Error. That means that there is a error with the Origin DNS.

This is not an SSL error. If it was an SSL error, it would say so.

Can you please share a screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare?

Also, I checked your domain and it currently returns a 403 Forbidden message, not a Cloudflare error. It doesn’t look like a message from our platform to me.



Here is the DNS records on the hosting platform.
image removed

Also when I ping the domain on terminal it shows abienterprises.co.cloudflare.cdn

See this?

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Eh… but aren’t we suppose to provide you with the hosting platform? I assume that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Your domain is using Ionos nameservers pointing your domain to Ionos website IPs.

If you want to use our hosting, you’ll need to change your domain’s nameservers and add the domain to your hosting account:


Sorry for making it confusing but I want to continue using ionos but the problem is it still points to cloudflare even after more than 12hrs.

Anyways thank you admin and community members for the quick response. I really appreciate the community here considering it’s a free platform.

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Seems working for me

Yes, Its working now. I added Cloudflare Name Servers 30 mins ago so now it works and I also get SSL. Previously it was working with VPN when I switch to other locations like US, UK but not without it.

Thanks again!

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