Optimizing Website Speed

I’m seeking guidance on improving the speed of my website. Is there a method or specific approach to enhance its performance?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Are you coding the website yourself or are you using a CMS? If you’re coding it yourself, there are a lot of ways. Such as caching and minifying. You can minify your JS and CSS, set cache control headers for images, moving jQuery or FontAwesome to your own domain, etc. But if you’re using a CMS, it would be harder to speed up your website, because they tend to load a lot of things that can’t be removed.


I am using PHP for my website development. Will this affect my website’s speed? Are there ways to optimize PHP to improve performance?

Running PHP code is not free. Generally speaking, the more PHP code you have, the slower your site will be, but it’s much, much more important what the code does than just the number of lines of code.

There are ways to optimize PHP itself, but all of that involves server side settings. And with web hosting, it’s the hosting provider’s responsibility to make sure PHP is as well optimized as it can be. So there is nothing you can do to make PHP itself faster.

What you can try to do is to optimize your own PHP code. But there is no one-size-fits-all answer on how to do that. You need to inspect and analyze your own code to see where the performance bottlenecks are and find ways to solve those.

It really depends on what you site is doing, and what your performance targets are.

Finally, please keep in mind that this is free hosting, and that servers are not free. So we need to keep costs down in order to be able to provide the hosting to you for free, which comes at the price of some performance. If you want to have the absolute best performance you can get, you should really consider getting premium hosting, which is a lot faster.


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