OpenCart 3037 admin login issue

I installed OpenCart version and everything is correct but when I try to login to admin dashboard it wont open it.
I tried clean install 3 times, same issue
I tried resetting login information from database, same issue
I tried changing php version, same issue
I tried from another device, same issue
I’m still trying anything without good results or even know what is wrong

Note: when I enter wrong login info then an error message appears but in my case the information are 100% correct and no error message appears but it just clear the username and password fields and stays on same page while it supposed to open the dashboard instead

does apache server version matter?
does infinityfree support this version of OpenCart?

Please help me to solve this issue, this is the third day of trying.
thank you.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Read page 1 and especially page 2

and only when you read everything then try something listed there


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