Open Source Social Network added to Softaculous installer?

I have been informed by the Softaculous Support that the Open Source Social Network script has been disabled on Infinity Host (it is not showing up). Would this be able to be enabled again?
Thank you very much!

I’m not familiar with that specific script, but there must have been a good reason to disable the script. Reasons include that some functionality of the script violates our terms of that it’s simply to big to run properly on a free hosting account. If you insist on installing this script, you’re welcome to try it yourself though.

It is a rather small script. I have actually tried installing it myself and it works (except for a weird mistake that I must have been making). I was hoping that having it on Softaculous would fix the issue.
Also, I did see this script in Softaculous once but it has dissapeared more recently.
If there is nothing that you can do I understand, however.

Hi There,
Thanks for your help. It was suggested to me by the Softaculous support for me to ask if you would be able to contact the hosting reseller admin on my behalf and ask if they can enable Open Source Social Network on their Softaculous.

If this is not able to be accomplished, I totally understand.
Thanks for your unfailing help!

If Open Source Social Network really was disabled, it must have been disabled for a reason. Social network scripts tend to use a lot of server power, which is a good reason to disable it on free hosting. If you can install it yourself, that’s fine, but we don’t want to endorse their use by advertising it within Softaculous.

Ok thanks.