Only my subdomains are working

I can’t access my domain however I’m able to access any of my sub domains, and . I think it’s a DNS issue but they all point to Epizy servers. So I don’t understand what’s going on. Please help me.

Your site works fine to me, consider to flush ur DNS cache.

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Just done so and it’s still not solved.

then what error are you seeing?

I’ve even done a Ctrl+F5 in the browser and still nothing.

I’ve just refreshed the page and now I have this:

Hello there,

Your site seems to be working and loading fine on my end:

Try clearing your browser cache and also you may try to use Incognito Mode since it does not have the cache of your normal browser.

Usually a Ctrl+F5 would clear the browser cache of a website. I learned that when I stared coding css and some things wouldn’t update. And I done one of those earlier. And I’ve just done one just now, without incognito mode and it works fine. Might had been an issue on the host’s end. Anyway it’s fixed now​:grin::grin:

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