Only a few days into using this host and my already having issues

I just want people to be aware that it’s inexcusable. My website was working fine and up just last night. and today it simply won’t load. Sure, this is a free host… But I have used many hosts in the past and I have never ran into an issue this early on. If this happens often I will probably just go back to using the best known free hosts… which I wont mention since it would be inappropriate to advertise other hosts heres

Basically what I’m saying is, so far, pretty disappointing.

Normally everything runs fine here. At the moment, there is simply higher load — everything should be working again soon though.

I mean it seems from what I’ve read there have been issues on going since early in the month. I really hope what you’re saying is true.

Currently, we’re dealing with DDoS attacks and generally increased load due to more traffic in the last few weeks. Both of those things may be explained by the COVID-19 lockdown causing people to be bored at home.

We want to add more capacity to support this traffic, but hardware supplies are delayed and datacenter access is restricted, also due to the lockdown.

I know that many hosts you’ve used in the past didn’t have this issue. We also didn’t have this issue in the past.

Although I do think that saying that this is “inexcusable” when there is a global lockdown going on is a bit presumptuous. We hate the current state of our service and the world in general just as much as you do.


Oh I see! I guess it helps for a host to have DDOS protection or backup servers. But, I’m glad my website is at least up. Only problem still is FTP. I have no doubt it will be resolved soon enough. Thanks for the replies!

DDOS protection is expensive, and this is a free host. Premium hosting however does have good protection in that field. As for backups, it’s been said before that you can backup your own site. There are instructions on how to do this in the control panel.

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See chief you’re just not in tune. The FTP’s and downloading anything from some of the servers is impossible right now with all the stuff going on. When I said “Backup servers” I meant servers they can move everything to when one is getting DDOSED.

@IsaacAM it’s not as simple as move everything to different servers. The IP being ddos’d will be the same IP we point our cloudflare DNS. If they willy-nilly moved stuff to another IP it will create bigger issues down the chain.

You have to ride out the ddos for a few days or move your site to another account. You can create three accounts and they usually fall onto different servers.


Thanks I did not know all this.

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