Online file manager not working

hello, so file manager works really fast deleting the files but i cant upload files. it doesnt show any error just it finishes but when i refresh files i uploaded are not there. Is there any way to fix it instead of using just FTP clients? and when i upload a zip file and try extract and unzip it gets stuck at the end 99% it doesnt work. File Manager to upload work only premium or whats the issue here?

It might be your domain being marked as spam. If it is a chat script, it could be banned because it violates the TOS, it could get your account permanently suspended.
Also, you may want to read this: Why are my files deleted after uploading them.

im trying to make a chatting platform where users can speak and do other stuff

or a social media network like Facebook etc…

I’m pretty sure those are banned, but if it is a forum it should be fine.

if i do like in Wordpress i should be fine right?

Yes, but if you use WordPress solely as a chat, you could be banned. It is really finicky, so you might be banned, you might not. Just a heads up. If you use any of the scripts from Softaculous, you should be fine.

Chat scripts are banned because they require a lot of server power. So if your site uses a lot, an Admin will investigate, and permanently ban you if they find a chat. You can host chatting scripts elsewhere and embed them here, but the actual processing must be done remotely.

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but in wordpress i can use instead of uploading DB and stuff?

You can use WP, yes. But you can’t have any chat scripts unless they are hosted elsewhere.

but what if i install scripts like plugins,themes in wordpress? Is that fine?

Yes, almost every WP user does that. Just no chat scripts.

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The file manager works best for quick edits to files. It tends to break down when handling a large number of files and most archives unless they are small.

The file manager is a PHP application that is itself an FTP client. And the only way to extract a ZIP file on an FTP server it to download the zip file, extract it, and upload the extracted files. And PHP only provides limited options to make this fast and efficient.

Premium hosting has cPanel with cPanel’s file manager, which runs directly on the server and doesn’t use FTP. So that file manager can handle archives of any size with ease.

So, TL;DR: this is a known problem of file managers on free hosting which is hard to fix. Using a desktop file manager is the best solution.


File manager is not a premium feature. It works fine for me on the free tier - there must be something specific to your account that is causing the issue and preventing you from completing your upload.

As to ZIP files, you might find it easier to extract the contents of the archive on your own machine, and then uploaded the non-zipped output to your account instead.

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