Online File Manager Error

Can somebody help me with this problem? or are there any remedies to this error?

My website URL is: htttp:// (Not accesseble because of this error)

What I’m seeing is:
This Error Occur when I’m pasting files Here

Additional problem is that I can’t access my file via FTP even I increased the timed out time.

iFastNet’s MonstaFTP installation doesn’t appear to be working very well right now. Fortunately, we also run our own copy, which you can access and use at

In your screenshot, I can see you are connected to the FTP server, but your connection dies when FileZilla tries to switch to a secure connection.

I’ve seen issues in the past where ISPs or network administrators appear to block encrypted FTP connections entirely. Can you please check if you can connect to the FTP server when using a VPN, or if you configure FTP to use insecure connections?


MonstaFTP is now working might because of huge file copy-pasting but always stock or sometimes stopping when uploading huge files is it really like this?.. I’ll just try to configure in how to make FileZilla work andd make another update to what will happen…

I love you admin… using VPN works!!!

I think theirs an ongoing problem to file manager…

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