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Can i setup Tor to get a .onion domain ?

No, you can only host domain extensions that are accessible on the regular, public internet here. The .onion TLD isn’t a “real” TLD, so you cannot setup a site with it here.

We also don’t have Tor installed on our servers, so I’m not sure how a .onion site would be accessible in the first place. And yes, Tor MUST be installed on the server for this to work, you cannot connect to the Tor network from within a website script.

No, they are free. I’m not sure where you get that pricing from.

.onion domains are addresses on the Tor network. Anonymity and obscurity is pretty much the main purpose of the Tor network, so having to give someone your credit card details and personal information so they can keep a record of all domains registered and their owners kinda defeats the purpose.


This is NOT the dark web.

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Just because it’s an onion site or Tor browser DOESN’T mean it’s the “criminal web”. Plenty of sites have onion addresses on the Tor network (such as DuckDuckGo and Facebook) and are not “bad”. I also feel like your comment wasn’t necessary ChippyTech.


No, it doesn’t. It’s free.

That doesn’t stop some companies from charging you for setting up one on your behalf. But then you’re paying for their service, not the domain. Because the domain is free.

Here are the official instructions to setup a .onion site. It doesn’t require any purchase or registration, just a server with a web server and Tor installed.

Yes it does. Tor is a dark web implementation. “Dark web” only means a site is only accessible on a network like Tor. “Dark web” isn’t synonymous with “criminal”.

Read the Wikipedia article. “Dark web” doesn’t mean “criminal internet”.


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