Ongoing system issues:, FTP and file manager issues

Please Help me fixed My Account

  • Websites only show a page saying: “404! We couldn’t find that page.”
  • FTP returning the error: 421 Home Directory Not Available

How to solve the FTP/file manager could not connect to server.

This is an ongoing system issue, read the big notice on top, most sites hosted on infinity-free are affected.

how i am restarted server

You can’t restart the server. Not just because “just turn it off and on again” is not something you can just do with a hosting service without causing multiple minutes of downtime for thousands of websites, it’s also because it hardly ever solves anything. Because, as you could read the the announcement, the first issues were caused by a reboot, not fixed by it.

Not working hosting bad, bad hosting …
When is a solution expected?

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