One URL works the other one doesn't



Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at

If you entered the right address, you can:

Try again later
Check your network connection
Check that Firefox has permission to access the web (you might be connected but behind a firewall)

The first URL (above) open the site, bu the second URL generates the error message.

I would appreciate pointers toward a solution.

Thanks in advance.

You upgraded to premium hosting, right?

In which case, you should now submit support tickets to iFastNet at


Nor exactly "Awesome!’ IFastNet keeps corrupting my password. When I attempt to change the URL they send to my cry for help is non-responsive. The page lets me enter the new password, but the send button doesn’t work, it’s not active.

In almost 87 years of making dumb choices, the choice to upgrade to iFastNet reaches a new high, perhaps, a new low!!! If you think that makes me mightily disgusted and disappointed - you’re correct!!!

Well it looks like your website is now hosted with hostinger, so you’ll have to setup your site with them.


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