One section is wider than the rest!


I’m very new at this, and have inherited a website from someone I am no longer able to ask questions from.

I have tried to add this section on applying to be a facilitator but it is wider than the rest of the page. Any suggestions as to what I have missed?


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This doesn’t seem related to InfinityFree, so please stay on topic next time.

I’m not sure what you mean by this:

I checked your website and it looks just fine.



Sorry - it’s related to the coding I’m doing on the website so thought I was able to use the forum for that? If not then apologies!!

I’m glad that it looks fine on your view - is that bottom section not wider than the other sections?

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You probably could if it was Informal.

I see it now:

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to dev tools currently, so, I cannot help much other than look at the source code.


you probably get that impression when you compare the subtitle with this line above (separator)

but everything is equally wide - if we look at the dimensions of the container


Ahh perfect, thanks, I’ll use that area next time - genuine mistake so thanks for letting me know.

I wouldn’t even know which part of the source code to send so I’ll try to get some help elsewhere, but appreciate your time :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it was a container size issue.
The “applying to be a facilitator” does start further to the left than the headings above (as does the text below), though, when I compare where it starts against the headings at the top?


delete this closing div (or drop it below after this title)

you closed the container but after it… you added a new title and text ( so the text goes a little more to the left - but does not overflow the container)


be sure to review the source by pasting it here and correcting errors


Fantastic!! Thanks so much, it’s all resolved and I love learning new things.
I’m very appreciative that you took your time to explain that.
Best wishes,

I wrote it in a hurry
you actually miss 2 or 3 </div> which you need to close

And it’s up to you to orient yourself in your code and put the sections in their appropriate containers like <div class="w3-content"> and pay attention to where you want it to end (probably after the footer).


try to replace all source with this inside code.txt

code.txt (22.0 KB)

I fixed some <p> and <div>

I did not correct the other mistakes but primarily for the problem stated in this topic


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