One of my files is regularly deleted

Hi All,

I uploaded many files to my ftp account, but one of the files is regularly deleted, randomly periodic time.
I don’t know why, this is a html file, the size of the file is smaller than the limit, and no any advertisement or any harmful content in it.

Please help me solve this issue.

My account:

Thanks in advance:


You say that the file is under 10mb? I think you should read this:


It’s under 1 Mb and I have read this document. Unfortunatelly still don’t know the reason why that file was deleted.

Did you try uploading from the online file manager?

Yes, all of my files are uploaded via File Manager

Try using FileZilla. Also, what is the location where you are uploading it to?

I upload all of my files under htdocs folder into subfolders. The interesting think that I uploaded many files, but I have the problem only with this file. And another interestin think that the file was uploaded 3 weeks ago last time, and it was deleted today. Previously I had the same problem with this file, so I created a new file with new name, and I thought that the problem was solved. But today it comed again :frowning:

Did you try FileZilla?
What is the files name and location?

The file name is data.html and the location id htdocs/data.
I didn’t try FileZilla, the File Manager worked for me, and in the last two weeks I uploaded some other files and those are working fine.

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