One Domain; Two Accounts; Second account as a Subdomain

I need some guidance.

I searched for days, but I have not found any complete answers.

I have two accounts, one for the website, and another for data and processing. This serves to spread the workload.

For clarity, I will use generic names.

What I want is basically the following, Addon Domain (, residing on Main Domain of, Subdomain (, residing on Main Domain of

I have manually setup cloudflare, including ssl, and it works properly for, as follows

Type	 Name           Content           TTL     Proxy Status
A    Auto    Proxied
A    Auto    Proxied
A        www      Auto    Proxied
A        data     Auto    Proxied

But it does not work for

Although, browsing directly to seems to work.

This is probably quite a common and simple implementation, but I cannot find any clear examples.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I checked your accounts, but the data subdomain you’re referring to does not appear to be assigned to any hosting account right now. You’ll have to assign it to a hosting account to allow the domain to show anything. Simply pointing the domain name to the IP address of the account doesn’t tell the server enough to know what content it should serve on the domain.

You may run into some trouble with this though. So, to save you some time, here are a few things to note:

  • You can only add custom domains as addon domains or parked domains. You can add subdomains for your own domains, but only on the same account as the main domain. You will not be able to host the data subdomain on another hosting account than the main domain.
  • I’m not sure what kind of “data and processing” you’re looking to do on the subdomain, but please keep in mind that our service is intended for website hosting only. If you’re looking for free file hosting, go to an actual file hosting service rather than abusing a website hosting service for this. Seriously, we don’t allow it. Don’t waste your time.
  • On your base domain, you should put the IP of the account of the base domain only. If you put the IP address of the subdomain on there as well, your website will return bad responses half of the time.

Data and Processing are byword/shorthand for Database and PHP.
I am mindful of your service policy, and I have no intent to misuse.

I have removed the second IP, like the following

Type     Name           Content           TTL     Proxy Status
A    Auto    Proxied
A        www      Auto    Proxied
A        data     Auto    Proxied

The data subdomain is assigned the IP of the Main Domain of a hosting account, like the following, Main Domain,, Subdomain =

As I stated before, browsing to shows the correct content, but results in a timeout.

Okay, then how do I correctly configure like the following? The following is what I need = =

You don’t. You can’t do this on free hosting, as far as I know. And if you can, it’s unintentional.


Oh well… that sucks!

Anyway, thanks for your time.

One last thing

For root directories of deleted subdomains, does it automatically expire and delete itself, or do I need to make an Admin request to delete them?

The domain directories of deleted domains cannot be deleted by you for security reasons, and we will not delete these directories for you because we don’t want to spend our time to do file management for individual users and accounts. So you’ll just have to ignore these folders, I’m afraid.

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