On which shared hosting is InfinityFree hosted on?

Hey @admin can you tell me? please?

This is ambiguous question.

If your question is about hosting types of accounts using Infinityfree, then All free account(s) registered here can use shared (server) hosting.

If you mean ‘shared’ by sharing several server with partner’s organization, I doubt it (although there may be some possibility)

If you really mean your question, then perhaps @Admin knows the answer.

bro, maybe i couldnt mean it properly or you didnt got it. I ment that which hosting company are they using to host their *[including sub domain].infinityfree.net?
You may say its same as us, just reseller account is the difference. Well i know very well that they are using myownfreehost’s reseller. ANd they are linking their mofh reseller acc using API. I just wanted to know the actual host where they are hosting their website files… example:ifast.net web hosting @Admin

Our internal tools (the client area, the forum, some file managers, etc.) are not hosted on any shared hosting provider. All our own services are hosted on purpose built virtual servers, some on Google Cloud Platform, others on Hetzner’s cloud hosting.

Shared hosting is fine for basic stuff, but you can do more in terms of performance and security on separate servers (if you know how).

oh, you’re right. Cuz, you needed shell access to build your own client area for MOFH WHM api

@AXONUS said:
oh, you’re right. Cuz, you needed shell access to build your own client area for MOFH WHM api

Not really, almost everything done in the client area can be done on shared hosting as well.

Some shared hosting services (like iFastNet’s “Business Hosting” plans) provide shell access, so you can use Composer commands. But even without access to the Composer command line, you can upload a previously install vendor directory from your own computer.

However, some of the features used in the client area (in-memory caching, asynchronous tasks) are not possible with shared hosting, and those features do help in making everything faster and more reliable.