On free trial, how to prevent I/O limits

on the premium version, you could see the scale to see whether I/O is too high? and how do you know wheter I/O is too high? i heard rumors about 20 times I/O limits then you could get banned permanantly. i love this website. some websites like blogger or goggle sets too miuch restrictions. no offense but parents these days protecting kids. nothing’s wrong with that but parents aslo condones too much restrictions which tears many people’s lives

Hello there!

First of all, free hosting is not a trial of premium hosting, it is separate, and one can host a fully functioning website on free hosting forever.

The number is actually 40

I think so. You get a lot more analytical data, and more detailed reports about your usage.


is there’s any way the owner can allow you to see analytics without buying premium? what if some of us can’t afford it atm?

Even if you could see the data, you would have no clue what is causing it, or how to reduce it.

Plus, that would allow people to find out the specific limit through trial and error and possibly abuse the system. Therefore, the exact limits are kept a secret, a big secret.


if a website keeps being suspended for I/o limits then removing some picture uploads should fix the problem? i’m still an amuetuer in a lot of ways

This is the technical explanation of IO limit: https://docs.cloudlinux.com/limits/#io

Did it makes sense to you? Does it help you figure out what feature on your website is generating the iO usage? Probably not, it’s very technical.

So how do you suppose having numbers for this limit would help you figure out how to reduce them if you don’t know what the numbers mean?

Sure, premium hosting has more metrics, but even with the metrics it’s often very hard to pinpoint exactly what’s causing it.


i just wish the 40 strike before permanant ban somehow be change. some of us upload because loving this site. google has too many restrictions. wordpress is more fairer in my opinion

No that is not fair to other user who have faced the scrutiny in the past and present. Also free hosting comes with limits. So…


and the i/o limits is unrepairable unless you perchase the premuim version?


There is however, a small chance that your account may be partially corrupt. To test this, you can upload your website to a new account, then move your domain over.


why didn’t anyone said so? heh, also transfer domain? How do i do so? creating backup and transfer to another wordpress, i tried before. for some reason it wouldn’t let me to do so. saying file is too large if i’m not mistaken. it was back a while when i done so

also can you tell me? do i have to do backup? and how i make it go through?

To move the domain, just delete it from the old account (Addon domains section in the control panel) and add it to the new account.


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