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Hello, I was wondering if I could change the php version to an older one. I see that the default php version is 7.0 and I need php@5.

I tried to change it though the Control Panel by clicking on Choose older php versions here, but the page is empty. I don’t know if you guys don’t support older versions anymore or it’s a bug in the CP.

Username: epiz_32826149

Hi and welcome to the forum

As of the 2nd of September, all PHP 5.x versions have been removed from free hosting, and all sites have been upgraded to PHP 7.4.

The PHP version selector has also been removed (because there are no other PHP versions to choose from).

PHP 8 is next on the roadmap regarding PHP versions, which will replace PHP 7.4 when that happens.

In short there is only one version of PHP


To add to what OxyDac says: PHP 5 is end of life and hasn’t received any security fixes from the PHP developers anymore since 2018. So it’s strongly recommended to update your site so it works with modern PHP versions to keep your site safe (now and in the future).

Premium hosting does have a PHP version selector with secured PHP installations through HardenedPHP, so you can run older software relatively safely.


The PHP version on the free hosting is 7.0 as I can see. I do understand all the security risks using older versions, I just wanted to keep this particular website up and running for a couple of months until I’m done with the new version of it as updating it would be more tedious than making a new one. And while at it, recover some files that are needed. Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated!

No, as previously stated, the PHP version is 7.4.


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