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So I had a crew center with all my flights and airports but the domain was rf.gd. How can I get all that info back so I can put it on my new crew center?

You can just use park domain menu on your hosting panel.


If you have a custom domain, you can just add it as a Parked Domain on top of your free subdomain. Then the new domain will automatically use the same files and settings as your old site, so it may just work without any further action.

If you want to use another free subdomain, you can go to the Subdomains sections and choose a new subdomain there. After that, you can move the files from the htdocs folder of your account to the your-new-domain-name.example.com/htdocs folder. If you’re lucky, everything just works.

If that doesn’t work yet, you may need to update some configuration on your website to use the new domain. This process varies a lot depending on how exactly you built your site. These are the instructions from WordPress, for example:

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