Old Accounts

When will old accounts be Remove? It says sixty-day but I think we are past that. Screen. shot enclosed

Maybe over?

You can see the deactivation time deactivation histroy, if it has passed 60 days, it should be deleted after few days.


What makes you think that?

Because I checked the deactivation dates of your accounts, and one is from late March and another from early April. Neither of them have been inactive for 60 days.

If you’re not sure of those dates, you can see them for yourself in the Deactivation History in the client area.


What’s interesting is if you look at some other platforms . They all have other ways they run there hosting, Some would remove a account if there no info placed on the site within a time limit of 60 days or less.

We delete accounts 60 days after deactivation, or after 60 days of no traffic. We don’t really look at website content to judge activity.

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