Okay, what am I suposed to do now?



error 404

Hi, I joined about 5 days ago and I uploaded files with monstaftp. When I put my domain into google I get 404.

what am I doing wrong?

Did you upload to /htdocs directory?
/htdocs seems missing.
Can you show contents of .htaccess?
Your domain seems to be redirecting to 404


htdocs is missing? why did that happen? and what do I do about it?

this is what I get when I click ‘edit’ in /htaccess

Please screenshot the client area
Show us where nihulit.epizy.com is supposed to be mapped to.
Most likely is either /htdocs or nihulit.epizy.com/htdocs

Did you delete or rename it accidentally?


I think I deleted it, yes. Can I make a new one or should I open a new account? How important is it?


Very important


Is this okay? or Should I make a folder instead of the file that I made?

when I press edit it shows:

No. htdocs is a folder


okay, I made a folder instead. But it’s empty - is that how it’s supposed to be?
Also- now what do I do?

Every domain is assigned to a particular directory on your hosting account. The first domain of the account gets assigned to the folder called htdocs. That’s the folder the server will check when trying to load the files for your website. If that folder is deleted, the server can’t find anything to load and will respond with a 404 Not Found error.

To fix this, simply create a new folder with the name htdocs and upload your website files to that folder. You should also remove all the other files you uploaded to the base folder of your account - you can’t use them on your website so they waste disk space and inodes for no purpose.


what is the name of my link to see my uploaded files?
http://nihulit.epizy.com/ gets me to error 404

even after I saved the files in my new htdocs folder!

Okay, I managed to get in.
This is what I see:

How do I see my files? It’s supposed to be an electronic catalog but I can’t see it!

You somehow broke your hosting account. I think the quickest way for you to fix it is to open the Control Panel and remove your domain(s) and back up any databases you have. Then, from the Client Area, deactivate your account and then create a new one. Be sure to only upload the files to their respective htdocs folder. Do not delete anything if you didn’t put it there. The. You can restore your backup in phpMyAdmin. This guide may help you along the way:


what makes you say that? the picture i sent is not what I’m supposed to see when I click on my link?

Great, it’s working now. Congratulations. As you can see when you type your domain:
You get inside /htdocs.
Here you are seeing a folder nihulit. No problem here. Completely normal. Now what you should do is:

  1. Go to htdocs.
  2. Inside it directly paste all files, no folder. Your homepage like index.php should go here.
    Basically no extra folder, just files that should be opened.
  3. When you enter your domain again, you will see the homepage like index.php or index.html whatever on example.com

Problem solved!

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To further add, elaborate @nihulit20
This is the server working as a file manager, it is programmed to show index.php file but since there isn’t any in your htdocs (at root level). It os showing the folder you’ve uploaded.
Also I’ve visited the whole site, where is the starting file?
http://nihulit.epizy.com/nihulit%20-/files/assets/ nope
http://nihulit.epizy.com/nihulit%20-/files/html/static/ nope
I can’t find any. Look like its built in some js framework.

This is what I see

You don’t seem to have a index file.