Oh my god I'm stressed


  1. Encypted connection without additional setup
  2. Jetpack support (/I can use cURL)


  1. Watermark at bottom right corner

This hosting (InfinityFree)

  1. Using latest PHP (7.4)
  2. No watermark


  1. Connection not pre-encrypted
  2. No Jetpack support (/I can’t use cURL)

(/use 000webhost instead of this hosting)

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Nice post… I guess…What exactly was the point of it tho lmao?

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the point is, i think 000webhost is better than infinityfree :confused:

Maybe. It really depends on your needs.


For user that create only 1 website or has only 1 domain, 000webhost is surely good enough.
But for user that create many websites/many domains, it isn’t enough. Because 000webhost only allow 1 website.

& you forgot to mention other cons for 000webhost, they force your site to sleep about 1 hour.
So, your visitors can’t visit your site for 1 hour.

About you can’t use cURL in InfinityFree, I think it’s only temporary problem because iFastNet staff did something wrong with their server setup.


okay, thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Besides they took my account down for being in a particular location, it was quite limited than IF.

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i hate ads on my websites even if they give all features!

I could hide that using some javascript codes, but it is a violation.


You(we) may get suspended!

Yeah exactly.

okay, what ever your opinion. but please fix curl so i can use jetpack, and offer encrypted connection on all subdomain PLEASE. so i can stay on infinityfree without looking at 000webhost. EVER AGAIN.

Only bad hosting companies force things like watermarks and ads onto your website… IF is better for many reasons… It’s much much easier to setup a website on IF than it is on 000webhost (They navigation isn’t the clearest). And @adisp007ia right, the cURL problem is only temporary. cURL is enabled in IF just not to certain sites.


I think both hosting i tried has an easy setup. what do you mean?


Maybe they changed it since I last tried. Last time I did it wasn’t the easiest setup ever. IF’s UI is generally much more modern and easier to navigate and maybe that’s what I meant by “easier to setup”.

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Can you please link to a topic where you explain the issue so we can try to help you?

I’m not aware of any issues with cURL. Maybe I overlooked a topic, but I can’t say if or when something will be fixed if I’m not aware of the issue.

Like the KB article says: we’re working hard to get that. But it’s hard.


Kinda same as this. Corrupted install, and can’t connect.

000webhost has that ages ago. Just why IF can’t?

000WebHost is a main seller. & has only 1 domain (*.000webhostapp.com) for their customers.
So it’s easy for them to setup wildcard SSL for that domain. & it become the default SSL for their customer subdomains.

But InfinityFree is a reseller. Its main seller is iFastNet.
Of course iFastNet won’t cover/buy wildcard SSL for all domains of their resellers (e.g.: InfinityFree with its *.epizy.com & *.rf.gd domains).
Maybe @Admin should given a suggestion to iFastNet to add SSL menu for their reseller custom domains on their reseller panel (MyOwnFreeHost).
Even if Admin could added wildcard SSL for his custom domains, you think how much the price of wildcard SSL?

The other solution is to make Let’s Encrypt bot as whitelist bot so the customers can verify their default subdomains to make their own SSL.
Or make InfinityFree SSL tool to support subdomain.


$688 A YEAR, There are some cheaper things than that. Also, To make an SSL tool to support subdomain, they could Use the freessl.space API. Supporting rf.gd & epizy.com.


Of course. I check it because 000WebHost is using it. :joy: