Office Web View can't be used

Username : epiz_26242345
Hi , there
Recently , I installed a PHP file manager , however , the Microsoft Office Web View has problem with using . I Google it and found that is because of extranet pretext. So I wonder if InfinityFree support it , if so , how to achieve it.

Umm, Welc0me t0 the C0mmunity,

File sharing/upl0ading/pirating aren’t all0wed.

So… I have to think about other way…

0ther way?

Whatever kinda file manager you upload the system will delete it or suspend(An admin will check) you.

Uploading file manager shouldn’t make any issues. As i’ve installed file managers already.

And being rude t0 pe0ple like that is n0t all0wed either, You better remind them the rules in good way rather than reminding like that.


Wait what?
So I can install a file manager script?

Yes, so you don’t have to use monstaftp if you’re not fine with, I’ve used net2ftp.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what an “extranet pretext” is.

And just to be clear: we don’t allow file hosting and file sharing sites on our service. If you want to install your own file manager to manage your website more easily, that’s no problem at all. But if you intend to use our hosting to share documents, media and other non-website content, please use a specialized file hosting service for that instead.


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