Of my website there's just the header online

http://natural a balances.great-site.net

Website URL



going mad …

I installed WordPress on Infinityfree by softaculous and created my website.

I checked the domain, looks OK, but on byet, should l point it?

On htdocs looks there’s everything, should l upload more files?
(To see f was changing something l uploaded all my pages exported from WordPress , but anything change…)

I noticed there isn’t any sitebuilder in my account ( where is WordPress?)
and in add-on domain clicking on site builder it says: no root to host
(dial tcp4> connect: no route to host)
It may be this?
But my website header is actually running online…

Is concerning WordPress? Adding plugins compatible but not really supported , how the files result and are transmitted ??

I thought that, being connected by the installation ( infinity free and WordPress,) all the work was automatically going on infinity free and online, looks like this but it isn’ t …what l have to do? Please suggestions…

Thank you

balances.great-site.net doesn’t load for me


Sorry t9 :-/



Yes… Exactly… And on my tablet with windows doesn’t find anything at all…

Hm, I don’t know. I am not an avid wordpress user.

Strange; if you go to the posts section in the WordPress dashboard, do your posts appear as published there?
I assume you imported them over WP and not manually.

If this is a new installation and you haven’t made changes you cannot remake easily, you can attempt a new installation via Softaculous and see if it works this time; this issue is indeed strange, and as I haven’t touched WordPress in a long while I’ll leave it to someone more experienced to see if they can figure out what it is.


OK but the installation by softaculous needs to point the server , upload files that are already in htdocs ?

Or anyway which steps could be missing?

I’m not sure what you mean, sorry; the Softaculous installation is automated and points to the server by default if I’m not mistaken.
If there are files in htdocs already, move them to a temporary directory or delete them before you attempt a re-installation. Make sure you have a backup of them in any case.

Not sure what you mean by “which steps could be missing”. I’m not sure what could have happened that leads to your site displaying nothing; which is why I’ll leave it to someone more experienced with WP.

What does your Posts sections in the Dashboard show? Mine show this, but keep in mind it’s an older version so it will probably look different than yours.

In my dashboard the same in the beginning, cause a default post is there, I moved it.
Why should l delete all htdocs files? Do you think is that?

My meaning was about what to do… If the server are automatic ally pointed is something else…
For you l should empty htdocs and upload what l want publish?

And why WordPress move there all the work and settings we make…?

Thank you anyway

Another thing that might help is:


Thank… Maybe, the dashboard says is the last version (6.03 if l remember correct)

Sorry do you know if WordPress has issues with pages while easily works with posts??

I can confirm that you are on this version

which came out on October 17, 2022.

can you explain this sentence more ?

you’re missing jQuery so a lot of things are broken
probably a problem with the theme or some plugin

If you haven’t wasted a lot of time editing pages in that WP
it is best to uninstall everything and install it again via the Softaculous app installer


What is jQuery, sorry?

About domain l mean that the system says : that is using byet name servers , then byet servers names listed (this is OK); that is assigned to one of my hosting account and is ready to host website ( then mention the account and the website folder htdocs)

Is ready to host not hosting…

What about exporting all content and delete WordPress?
To upload all my website content l have to reinstall wordpress , right?
If I re install?
it should I install all plugins too and set it again
Thank you!

What’s interesting is that it does show the theme footer and the contents that looks like some kind of “not found” page. Also, there is no menu at the top of the page which I would expect.

So my guess is that it’s one of the following issues:

  • The WordPress site doesn’t have any pages, posts, categories or menu items configured. So the site shows a “not found” page because there is no content. Or there is content, but nothing is configured to be shown on the home page.
  • The content is there, but the theme has issues and doesn’t display the content correctly. That can happen if you downloaded a theme from elsewhere that hasn’t been updated to work with recent WordPress versions.

First thing I would do is check what content should be displayed on the home page, and make sure that there is content to be displayed. If that’s all configured, then you may wish to try another theme (the default twentysomething themes are generally a good choice).

If all else fails, reinstalling WordPress will probably do the trick.


Thanks, yes… Is like this
I wonder if WordPress has issues with pages because looks settings are for configuring all with posts and not pages…
Actually l can’ t build the menu… It shows me only customization drafts empty pages…
I guess if it’ s Pagalayer… I can see my work on it but in WordPress editing says for all blocks of pagalayer that "are not supported… Leave it like this , remove or save it like HTML ", but opening the preview it shows the page…

And if l re install WordPress should l change plugins…? And maybe just do it all new:-/

And about theme… I don’t know… Is Kadence not working on wp? Maybe too…


You could try without Pagelayer.

It could be.

The only thing we all know right now is that the current combination of theme, plugins and settings doesn’t work. You can basically try swapping around all of those things and see if it helps.


I tried to use twenty twentytwo and it’ s amazing… Terrible… I can’t even make a menu!!! It’s crazy… So I tried by links and actually l could do it, this morning the menu was working… Even opening the pages… Then it changed again… I tried also 20/20 them and is all pink!! Really I can’t do anything… I realized with pagelayer the settings for static homepage disappears… I don’t know… What can you see in the web ? Is all crashed ? Someone suggested about jquery , but firefox run javascript by default… Any good suggestion for cleaning the site? ( I noticed with WordPress keeps stopping my VPN… And good website builders? Is desperating all this…
Too much…