Obtained new password for CPanel, edited in wpconfig.php, website says "Error establishing a database connection."

I obtained a new password for CPanel using reset but since it was said in the e-mail that I have to edit also the password for wpconfig.php, I edited the password in it but now when I try to access my website (https://www.philseaboard.org), it says “Error establishing a database connection.” I installed Wordpress through the Softaculous App Installer earlier.

There might be something wrong with the information I inputted in the wpconfig.php. Where can I find the correct info? I tried inputting the info from MySQL database in CPanel but those still do not work.

Please help. Thank you.

Changing password from Cpanel won’t alter Database password some times, Which means the DB will work with previous password. If it works now then it’s ok, If not:

Change your site password from Client area in https://app.infinityfree.net then wait for few minutes. After use that password in wpconfig.


Actually before I checked WP after resetting my password with e-mail reset using the old password, I edited it already in wpconfig and when I checked my website, it already displayed the error message.

I checked through this article (https://infinityfree.net/support/common-mysql-errors/), it might be because I am not using the hosting account password anymore… How can I reset that?

I inputted the information from MySQL CPanel (database name, username, password and hostname) but they’re still not working. I did not change the CharSet because there was not information in MySQL. Please help.

This has already been solved, thank you very much.

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