[OBSOLETE] Site.pro site builder: Ask administrator to enable this feature

This article is obsolete.

Site.Pro has changed their licensing model. Right now, all features are available to InfinityFree users, but require an additional license to be purchased by you to use. This particular error message is no longer shown.

If you’re using the Site.pro site builder on our hosting to build a website, you’ll see that many features in the builder will show the message “Ask administrator to enable this feature”. This article will explain what this means, and what you can do to get access to these features.

Why do I see this message

The version of Site.pro site builder available on InfinityFree is a trial version of the builder. This trial version only provides a limited version of the Site.pro builder. It only allows for three pages, and only has a limited set of features.

InfinityFree doesn’t offer the full builder. The licensing costs for the full version of Site.pro is too high to absorb the costs and include it as part of free hosting. We also have no plans to sell full Site.pro as a paid addon to InfinityFree.

How can I get the full version of Site.pro

If you want to get build a site with the full features of the Site.pro builder, we recommend buying Site.pro hosting from Site.pro directly. You can get website hosting with unlimited pages and most Site.pro functionality starting at only $1.20 per year, as well as get support straight from the people who have built it!

Go to Site.pro.

Please note that iFastNet’s premium hosting does not provide Site.pro.


hello, you may want to remove de part in that URL.
but for some reason even after removing the de part, it stays in German. To change language, hover to world icon and select english.


I think I fixed it now.

It seems that even if you specifically put the en language code in the URL, the forum will try to resolve the redirect server site to generate the card preview. And because the forum server is in Germany, Site.pro will forcefully redirect the link to the German version.