Number of Websites

How Many Website can you build on just one active account ? Right now I have 4 Website built . Even if it says Unlimited ad-on domain’s

As much as it doesn’t reach daily limits and inodes count.


What dose Inodes mean ? I’m currently at 45 %


You can also have up to 400 MySQL databases per account

I have always wonder if anyone has ever reached the limit. Has that ever happened?

what limit?

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I see that you can you 30019 inodes.
I have 2%

meaning has any user ever reach the inodes limit in there account ?

Yes it’s possible. Many users have reached it.

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30,000 inodes is enough for most websites, but there are plenty of users who hit it. Every CMS is typically a few thousand inodes out of the box. This gets worse once you start adding plugins, themes, uploaded files, etc. to it.

If you have a dozen different domain names on your account and you’re trying to install WordPress to all of them, you’re definitely going to run into the inode limit.


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