Now I see why it is free!

I can not upload my zip file, because it is 17megabytes! Yes for crappy terrible hostings it is megasize. And I can not use ftp, because ftp client can not connect. I enter everything ftp user, password, port number and host - it says waiting for welcome message. Forever.
So, please take this crappy hosting and account removed by mod. The only thing I can do give my condolences to your clients who pay you money.


To upload your zip file, just extract it on your computer, then upload the resulting files.

If you are getting FTP errors, please share the logs from FileZilla so we can help you.

Note that paying customers use a different system, and are not subject to the same limits, their limits are much higher.

Additionally, use of bad language is not permitted on this forum.

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Yikes to you! Do you except good stuff to come to you for free, huh?

Because your credentials are wrong? Who know.

Removed by mod

So just pay money if you do not want to leverage but complain about free hosting.


Do you read? I can not upload folder because it contains 2 files 13 and 17 megs. And when I archive it - it becomes 17 MB. This “free” hosting is for children or noobs. And about higher limits - I doubt those limits will be acceptable any way. Please just remove my account. If you r NOT RESPECTED site warned it has several MB size limit, I would not waste my time on registration removed By mod. Thanks for wasting my time!

I did read, and I told you how to fix it. Just unarchive it on your computer, then upload the individual files, which should be less than 10mb each, to your website. You can upload those files here.

Well, the upload limit does not exist if you pay, so I think you would like that.

If you really want to go, you can delete your account from the profile page.


If you are complaining so much about this hosting, make hosting of your own.


We did read.

Your post never said anything about 2 files and their sizes, only a zip file that is 17 megabytes.

Second, if you want to insult our reading skills, then back atcha kid. I can point out every grammatical error you made in your posts. Honestly, it was hard to make sense of it sometimes. But really, I am not here to insult you. No, most people on this forum know I am here to lecture you, and hope that you can take away some useful tips.

First of all, it is free hosting. And, accepting your words that are to a higher degree of harsh, yes, it is for “noobs”. Really, this hosting platform is for development or small websites. Do you expect someone to open up servers, run the latest software and offer the highest specs their servers can get, for free?

Honestly, yes, Infinityfree is “too good to be true”, but that also depends on your mindset. If you go on here and expect the same service as premium services, then no, you will be mistaken. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. However, that does not mean that Infinityfree is useless. Some people, like the majority of us here, only want to test out small things or host small websites without wasting all of the goodies of paid hosting. Really, like I said, Infinityfree is for people with small websites or people trying out their website before moving it onto paid hosting.

As for your ftp, this happens all of the time. It may be how you are logging in. You seem to come to the conclusion that because it doesn’t work, that means something is wrong with the host itself. That mindset will never get you anywhere near good programming habits.

Plus, it happens to other, paid services, too. If a $50 a month service offered ftp connections that you found hard to connect to, do you just go and say “they are bad”? The introduction of money to a service messes with our mind. It becomes unclear because we are under the impression that quality starts with paid services. Really, however, it could be a plethora of other reasons. Have you checked your internet connection? Firewall? Have you tried using another device? A VPN? I know my father blocks a lot of things and the internet fails to work quite a lot. Don’t expect the service to not work if you haven’t ruled out your side first.

So, really, please don’t pout and scream at us. We are trying to help. I get that feeling - something doesn’t work and so you anger builds up and you want to blame the other person so bad. But you will notice, those that come to us for help sincerely and with a kind heart will receive it sincerely and with a kind heart. If you ask nicely, we will try our best. The only reason why I am not lashing back at you is because I really want to see everyone happy. Heck, I even try to help out the spammers with advice (assuming they aren’t bots)!

We are sorry to see you go. Our service may not be what you expect, but we aren’t holding you to this service. Feel free to go elsewhere! Hope you have a good rest of your life and that your new service will be more fitting. Cheers!

Oh, and also, at least I don’t use bad language :slight_smile:

I’m usually not the person to write many posts in forums or anything, but after reading the post of the “Goner666”, I really felt I need to write about my experience.

I created my account in November last year to host a simple html-based website (no images, no javascript, no other fancy stuff). It was a very nice experience to see that everything worked as I expected, or rather better than I expected. Virtually every question I had was already answered in the knowledge base or in the forum. The absence of any advertisement on the user’s website and the seamless integration of the SSL certificate tool are remarkable. Plus, it has a site builder and you can create up to three separate accounts, and all that for free. Big THANKS for all this!

Of course, there are limitations such as the number and size of uploaded files, daily hits, Inodes etc. But seriously, how can you complain about something you get entirely for free? There are plenty of paid hosting services without those restictions.


ive also been using infinityfree’s free hosting for a few years and have been very pleased with the service, ive not seen any other free hosting offer so many features and without forced advertising and I think the file size limitations are very resonable

p.s. sorry for my previous post :frowning: my blood boils easily :frowning:


No development is bug-free (hence the constant updates), so you can’t consider this “crappy.” The reason it is free is because they monetize their web hosting via other means for e.g., “premium” and “ads.” You would’ve know that if you were scrolling through.

This is a very difficult web host to get another of, especially open getting a free cpanel and 301 redirects, which you normally have to pay for. More than normal is provided for free and we should be rather thankful.

On the case of your zip file, currently the hosts are down and I believe (from a users’ prospective) that developers are working on it, but it can be a File Transfer Protocol (ftp) error so try logging out of your client (I use FileZilla), wipe your local temp folder and try again.

And I mean damn for a person wanting to run a professional website… that topic sounded more like a verbal attack than a query. Thank goodness mods edited out the bad words before more people saw it. The best approach for getting help literally anywhere is to rather ask for it like a normal person.


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