Notice to @Admin : IninityFree Email ID being misused

I saw in a couple of websites InfinityFree’s email ID which does not have any reference on the IF Homepage website nor on this forum being misused.
I’m not telling any information other than this in this public forum. Just let me know how I should contact IF’s @Admin regarding this.


There is no way to contact admin.I am sure that Admin will look into this.Provide the website link!
You cannot do that,none can be private!

Really!? Ok then let @Admin see this thread and reply soon!

I’m not providing anything to the public. Sorry! I’ll confidentially share the info with @Admin

Number 1, I have no idea what your talking about.
Number 2, Where did come from? We have no relation to that site (whatever it is)
Number 3, Email [email protected] if you want to talk to admin.

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I meant, in short, sorry for that. (Edited the post)

Ok thanks! But is @Admin actively monitoring this inbox?

A email ID which I have not yet seen in Homepage or in this forum has been used to comment on some sites. (Actually the email ID has nothing to do with IF or hosting (Maybe))

I believe he does. And since you pinged him, he will most likely read this topic and then check the inbox.

I believe,once a day Admin told he turned off notifications in pings


I think @Admin has turned off at(@) notifications.That’s why i mentioned in the topic.

If you email him, he will see.

Ok then! I’ll mail him. Thanks!

I just sent an mail to @Admin regarding the information. Thanks!

I cannot seem to understand that.

It’s hard to track misused our email for comment.
As for WP site or other site/blog system can be commented by whatever email (without confirmation). Except they set it “only login user can comment” or use Facebook/Discuss comment system.

But if our email misused by other people on a site, I think we must notify that site owner. So, they can delete it.

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I have already notified @Admin via email giving all the details of where i found the email ID and where it was used etc.

It happens all the time, I get hundreds of spam emails to [email protected], I don’t know why though.

Did Admin do anything? at least any reply?

Only Click if Admin didn't respond!

Hi Sarvesh(@Sarvesh_M_Rao),
I don’t understand why a website should give link or reference to a IF for using/abusing an email id.

And what will Admin do with that information?
If you give this in this forum,we can take some action.
And you should inform the webmaster of that website and not here.
I am sure that Admin will look into this if you would mention here.

And why are you afraid of posting it in Public Forum?

There is nothing private! I believe in our @Admin, he will sure ask you to post the links here

It’s important to remember, That Admin doesn’t spend his life on this forum, He has IRL stuff to do and IRL work.


That’s why I told him to share the url,so that we can do the job and make Admin a bit free in forum.

If the email exists it may go into the inbox,else it should bounce back to the sender.
(I dont think IF has a catchall account)

(Actually the email ID has nothing to do with IF or hosting (Maybe)

Then why did you create a topic?


@anon19508339 or any other mod please close this topic as I received reply from @Admin.