Not trusted ssl error in some browser

Hai, my website has ssl certificate and it working fine in chrome,opera browser etc…
But in some browsers like Android stock browser , Firefox etc… shows website is not trusted .
Is there any way to fix ?
Sorry for broken English
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, can you provide the URL to your website?


I tried your website in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. In all of those 4 it came up as secure. Your other browsers you tried on probably haven’t updated or delivered a static cached version and couldn’t show the newest live version with the certificate.

This means that everything is working fine and your site is now secure!


That is because of caching. It will eventually also show secured in your other browsers, or just clear your cache.

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It shows secure in all my browsers though.


It’s because some browsers require CA Chain in order to show site secure, which isn’t available on this hosting.

You can also use ssl of cloudflare.


Additional info of what he said above:

Most major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera doesn’t need any CA_chain since they will browse or fetch the Certificate Authority’s certificate automatically online so no need to worry since most users will probably use chrome or other major browsers to visit your site.


The reason you see this error is because free hosting doesn’t support CA chains, and the reason it does work on other browsers is because they’ve seen Let’s Encrypt certificates before and know to recognize them.

Since Let’s Encrypt is the most popular certificate provider in the world, most browsers will show a green lock. But a fresh installation of a browser may not recognize it.

So yes, this happens, but very few visitors will be affected by this. If you want to fix this, you could use Cloudflare, which does install CA chains on their edge network, or upgrade to premium hosting which does support installing CA certificates (and has fully automatic Let’s Encrypt integration).


Thanks for replying :blush:

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