Not Sure Where This Goes

If this topic is in the wrong category move it to where it should be at. Is it possible to remove my forum account? The only reason I created an account was to ask a question and now that I have the answer I don't need this account any longer.

but why leave it, this forum don’t spam your inbox , and also in case you need help in future then ?



We can delete your forum acc or anonymize you,
but don’t mix that action with deleting all your topics and posts, because we try to avoid that action
for a reason…
Many users use this forum as a knowledge base and it would be foolish to delete the topic and more importantly its answers…
Also some users take their time to help others and then it is bad, thankless and counterproductive if the OP later wants to delete everything…
As far as I see your topic doesn’t matter so much so it can also be deleted.

now it’s up to you to decide anonymize you or delete acc ?
or take nothing ? :slight_smile:


If you don’t need this forum account anymore, you can just leave it as is. You can disable all notifications if you want, and then ignore the account.

If you really want to leave, your forum profile will be anonymized if you delete your client area profile.


I found another hosting site that fits my needs and I’m switching to that one. It makes no sense to keep an inactive account. Just delete it.

We are sorry because you’re leaving,
if you have made a clear decision then simply go to CA and delete your profile.

We wish you a lot good luck in life and happy new year :slight_smile:


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