Not Seeing webpage but page with Ads

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: An ad page from “sedo domain parking.”

I’m using this software: Chrome, Windows, FileZilla, domain is run by Name .com

Additional information: My webpage was working this morning. To briefly access my SSL certificate I changed nameservers back to the ones on name. com, but then changed the nameservers back to as InfinityFree suggests. My website will now not show anything but the ad page, please help.

looks good to me


You should wait until your browser pull new DNS data
because for now it contains the old ones.

Any change to DNS results in that


Oh ok. I thought it was weird because I cleared DNS cache but I guess it is just a waiting process then. I am glad it is working, thank you for checking for me.

NP and YW
you can help yourself with this and speed things up
(P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings)


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