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When I open the my website, it always show it as NOT SECURE. I already installed a SSL and forced it to open as https, but the issue is still happening. Can I have any support regarding that please?

Self-signed cert does not count

Follow the steps here


Yes, but you installed the SSL certificate of the provider “Self Signed (not trusted)”. As you can see by the name, that certificate is self signed, and it’s not trusted. You could have also known this had you checked the comparison table on the SSL provider selection page during the setup.

Please request a new certificate from the client area. And this time, please take a few seconds to choose a good SSL provider for your use case.


I’ve another one, but this new ssl certificate didn’t update. Can you check it out please?

No, you don’t. As you can see in the client area, the order of your GoGetSSL certificate is still pending.

First you need to make sure that the new SSL certificate is actually issued, after that you can install it to your hosting account, and only then will you be able to see it on your site.

Please go to the client area, find your certificate order, and follow the instructions there.

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