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Hi, my site ( shows “not secured” when people visit it from their browsers. I heard that need to install or create a ssl certificate, how do I do that?

Thank you.

Thank you. Where do I get a certificate vendor? Also, when I click the “generate key” button, no text appears, how can I solve that?

After clicking on “Generate Key” you would enter ALL details, without skipping a field! If you want to skip one, just put “NA” as value. And then you have the Private Key and the CRT that you need to copy and search on Google “ssl certificates” to get a paid / free trial / free one.

Ok thank you. I want to use ‘Let’s Encrypt’ for my ssl certificate, they say I need to ask my host to send a request, how do I do that?

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We don’t have Let’s Encrypt support on free hosting. I suggest you use Cloudflare to obtain a certificate compatible with every browser without installing it on a web server.

Thank you. Well I actually just tried it. They say I must change the server names on my Enom account, but I don’t have/use Enom.

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Do I need to create an Enom account?

Enom is just a domain registrar like others. You don’t need to transfer the domain to them. You should login on the Domains Panel on where you registered the domain (even if it said Enom, but it will not be / will be an affiliate of it) and change the nameservers from there.

Oh ok, thought so. Thanks a lot man, appreciate it.

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