Not reliable and waste of time

Hello i am having a site in infinty free
Without reson suspended saying database and mysl limit resched and i was suprised a 1 page 2 plugin and 1 database takking site was given with that leeter before 2 days given with i/o limit even 1 visitor did not came if my account was not acctiviated once again the hosting provider must need to do the need ful

And one more thing If this did not happen wiil i get something nothing i believe it was not acivited after 24 hours wiill the hosting provider give me their premier plan ???

let me see

Can you share your website URL?
Your website will be reactivated within 24 hours if get suspended for reaching daily limits.

You might refer to these documents for details.

To avoid reaching I/O limits I would prefer you to use Cloudflare and cache plugins.

Just check your client area to check the reason of your account suspension.


ok thanks but it never teoched it became 27 hours

And now what can i do it is opening and i ask the infinty fre to do need ful

If not then see the case i have suggested to more than 2000 people for usage of infinty free now i am going to say them no and then i am relly angry

For what reason is it suspended?
If it is for abuse then it won’t reactivate after 24 hours.

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No it was given i/o limit reached hit limit reached mysql lmit reached and also ram usage limit

it came after 2 days

I checked the accounts that are not deactivated and only one of them has been suspended once for database overloading.

Can you please specify exactly which site and which hosting account you’re referring to?

Ya i am talking about and it was suspended see my usage it was actually suspended for 3 times for the first two times it came with 30 minutes but this one took nearly 2 days to come.

And the detials it shown in the third time are:
Your I/0 limit crossed
Your account overloaded databases
your account ram limit crossed

but my real uasge was
o hits
20% ram used
30 inodes used

i use little bandwidth

I checked the account that domain is assigned to (epiz_28223270). It has two deactivation logged, one from a database overloading and one time you deactivated the account yourself.

The database overloading suspension actually lasted for slightly less than 24 hours if the timestamps logged in the client area are accurate.

Where do you see that this account was suspended three times and that it took 2 days to be reactivated? Can you please share the account username?


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