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Hi, today i have created zoho mail and setup up everything i can send and receive email, the only problem is that when i fill in a form in wordpress i don’t receive email how can i fix this?
i am also prepared to use my outlook email as longs as i can receive email from the form. and i think to use outlook is better option for me beqause to check zoho emails i need to use another app and for outlook not all my emails accounts are outlook. i have build my website with elementor the contact form is also build with elementor.

This is a problem with your plugin. If you need help configuring the plugin, consider reading its docs or contacting the plugin vendor.

It may just a pure form, so you have to setup your mailing system.You can try use PHPMailer for this.

Please see:

You can use the “WP Mail SMTP” plugin in WordPress to send email with an external provider.

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@Admin i am u free user of zoho mail so i cannot use my company email created with zoho mail beqause free users cannot use smtp, am i right? if yes then i have other question.
can i use gmail to connect with my company email and use the wp mail smtp plugin with data of gmail so that i can receive emails in the form? will this option work?
if that option cannot work can i use my outlook email if yes can you explain me how.

You can send email with Gmail (or Outlook, if you prefer Microsoft’s mail system) from your website with that plugin.

Not sure what you mean by connecting the company email though. You can use either Google’s or Microsoft’s mail system on your own domain, but G Suite and Office 365 both cost at least $5 per user per month, which may be a quite steep investment. Their free offerings can only be used to send with or email addresses.

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so with smtp plugin and and smtp details from outlook i can receive email when somebody fill in the contact form ?

SMTP is for sending emails and not for recieving. But you can use it to send the submissions from people on your contact form to your custom domain email.

i don’t have to use custom domain email any more. all i want is to receive the email in my outlook when somebody fill the contact form, once i receive the email in my outlook i can reply straight from outlook. is this possible with the smtp plugin?

Yes, that should be possible.

That should be possible, yes.

But I know that Gmail doesn’t show messages in the inbox which you sent to yourself, so using SMTP on an Outlook account to send to itself may not give a desirable situation either. But you can of course use a second account if that’s easier.

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Ok i will test in the next few days and post the result. But i am very curious on which way other users deal with this situation most users should have contact form.

the plugin works well

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