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So I got my website finally working two days ago, and now I am struggling to index it into google, I created a bunch of sitemaps and changed them frequently, to see if there will be any changes or signs that it will be indexed in a day or two…

I got everything all set on Google Search Console, but it’s telling me it cannot get the sitemap, the sitemap is public and you can all visit it here:
Also, the “Get indexed” button doesn’t work for the moment because they are working at some new features… So my question is:

  • How am I gonna get indexed?

Read this to see if it may help…

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Sorry @anon77371365, I thought this isn’t related to hosting support, so I created this as an info topic.
@KangJL, that information is useless, let’s not say shi**y… It’s just about the verification of the website into google search console, which is very simple… My question was about indexing, I searched a lot on google and read a lot of documentation, and cannot find the answear, that is why I appealed the community, because some of you have great experince with Google SEO and indexing.

Can you please give me a screenshot of what erro r it shows?

And don’t accuse people who tried to help you.

Not accusing anyone, sorry if I offended, I am just telling people to not lose their time on that link finding answears, because this is something else. (Not related, on short).

Here’s the screenshots:

SOLVED: If you have the same issue, try setting:

  • img src=“yourimage.jpg” alt=“Describe your image” to tell the engine what your image means or refference to.
  • Also use <link rel=“canonical” href=“http(s):// not if not case)” for every page that you have, to avoid engines think that you have 2 different pages when it’s just one. Example: google thinks that it’s different to or so you need to specify what is the original content page.

Notes: As what I seen, to create a sitemap you need at least 2 pages, so that’s why it can give you the error on the sitemap.
And if you are not getting indexed on google, try index yourself at first, it’s easier, then you can wait for the google indexing.
Try to expand your website. For real, if you don’t have content on it, it’s less probably to get indexed.
Use specific extensions for images and files ( for images .jpg or .jpeg instead of .png ) and more.( google will tell you what to use.)

  • Hope your problems get solved as soon as possible!

In the topic template you deleted, it also says that if you need help with your website, you should put the question in Hosting Support. You need help with your website, because you need to get it indexed in Google but are having trouble doing so.


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