Not able to upload a zip file

I am not able to update any zip file I am using FTP with FileZilla and it failed every time.

Max file size for zip file is 10mb.
Extract zip file locally then upload via ftp (Filezilla)


Is there a way I can increase that?

Upgrade to premium hosting.

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Okay, I might have to do that. let me let you my situation and you can advise me on the way forward. I am trying to win a client who wants an online store. I want to have the store in a live environment so they can see it and if I win the client then I can go live with the store. I will spend a little but not too much because I have to keep in mind that I might not get the client and I don’t want to lose too much.

Another questing saying I did not win the client I am able to cancel the premium subscription?


@KangJL Thanks I will be getting the premium host for this project. to eliminate all the little issue

Hi @KangJL I am about to upgrade to premium but it seems I am not able to keep my old domain name which I would like to do I don’t want to purchase a domain. I want a free domain name

Read this


Okay, gatch yah. I will create a ticket over there

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