Not Able To Open Wordpress Deasboard


Actually right now i installed wordpress after 2 days as before that softaculous was not working well now its fixed but i am facing a new error that is

Whenever i am trying to open my wordpress dashboard its not opening after entering my wordpress login username and password its instead of opening my dashboard its loading my main website homepage

I am not able to fix it??
someone please help me out or reply if you are facing the same issue?

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Hello are you using free hosting plan

Are You Using Free Hosting Plan


Ok Then try changing your php version in cpanel from current php version to 5.6

If this work then tell me

no its not working,i am facing the sa,e problem…missing zlib extension

Then you have to wait for some time

ok thanks, i’ll wait for some more time

I checked your website @ShashiJaiswal and I see you have the “Loginizer” plugin enabled. This plugin is intended to block potential attackers from logging in to your admin area, but could be locking you out too.

Please try disabling the plugin and see if that lets you login. You can disable the plugin without using wp-admin like this:


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