Not able to install Sitepad

I am trying to install Sitepad within CPanel with infinityfree, but its not letting me install it, but giving me an error saying “The software requires a higher version of Softaculous! Please report this to the server administrator.”

Hello there,

As what the error suggests, SitePad requires a higher version of the Softaculous script installer and I don’t know whether the Softaculous here is up to date but since you encountered that error maybe it isn’t.

While I’m not sure, there is no fix for this unless iFastNet decides to update softaculous.

Please note that we don’t have SitePad installed on our servers, so you’d only get a trial version anyways (which is quite limited, IIRC). So please note that you won’t get the full site builder, even if we’re running the latest version of Softaculous.

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The trail is not what im worried about? Its mainly that the Softaculous is not updated were I dont have the “option” to use.

The Auto Installer is running the latest version, some features are simply deactivated.

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