Not able to edit my website content

Dear team,

a few days ago i was created a website( ) by wordpress. now i can see sample page of my website but not able to edit it…when i put ( ) its shows error…& the error is ( THIS SITE CANT PROVIDE A SECURE CONNECTION ).error snapshot attached

can someone please help me to figure out this issue…Im so thankful if get some solutions.

The ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR means that you’re trying to access your website over HTTPS, but no SSL certificate is installed. To fix this, you’ll either need to install an SSL certificate on your domain name (although it’s hard to get one for a free subdomain) or update your website settings so it doesn’t use HTTPS URLs. You can change the website URL through phpMyAdmin.


Tysm for giving your valuable time & help on this error.
The issue is resolved by solution provided by you.

Thanks a lot.

u r great

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