None of my images are showing up or my music files

I am having a remarkably similar issue.
I loaded up one website last year, we had to publish as part of the course, works 100% fine. Now loaded the website from my earlier course that year, and none of my images are showing up or my music files. Fairly sure they were all in the CSS, I know my hero image was as a background image anyway. Strangely I had copied my code across for the carousel on both websites, it was almost identical, just modified slightly. And they both work when I simply open index.html in any browser.

I don’t know the answer here sorry. I did play around with where my image folder was stored, as I had had it both outside the HTDocs folder and inside it with my website that worked, but that doesn’t seem to fix it.

Maybe it would help you to see mine, one that works and one that doesn’t, and compare. I cannot work out what the difference is, but maybe you can see a difference?

I see 404 errors, the image files do not exist on the server. Please upload them first.


I split your topic. In the other topic the original poster didn’t share any information about the issue, and generally the “my files don’t load” are usually caused by website configuration, not a hosting problem, so they are likely not related.

When I check my network tab in the browser, I see these URLs are redirecting to our 404 error page. So this article is relevant for you:


  • Make sure that files are uploaded to the htdocs folder of your site.
  • Make sure that file and directory casing matches (e.g. Music and music are not the same).

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