Non www redirecting to add page? www working as intended

my site is redirecting to a unknown ADSsite.
(see img

if i use the site work as intended.

any suggestion how to fix it?

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Go to your domain panel/your DNS management service. Then find your domain record menu. Delete CNAME that contains *
& also make sure A record content same with A record content.



there is no * .
no A record on cpanel

the only thing on my domain are the nameservers:

looks like im not the only one, there is 2 other users in this forum with the same issue

Try to remove and re-add your domain from the “Addon Domains” of the Control Panel, then upload your website files to yourdomain/htdocs with a FTP client, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain, and clear your browser cache, also remembering to flush the DNS cache and, if it doesn’t work, to configure a faster DNS resolver like or OpenDNS on your device.

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