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epiz_27434159 (

website images stopped showing but where fine before.
I have cleared browser cache, followed proper directory naming and case, tried on different browsers and machines.

No issue…


All images there are on an external server.

Both and work when I pasted them in my Firefox browser, the Youtube video played. Nothing appears to be wrong with your site.

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Since most of us hv no issue with ur website, most probably u hv firewall blocking?
Tried different devices/network?

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yes , for local images they dont show. the green background was initially intended for a pic which is local, the logo and other images that are showing are in is down

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Seems ok for me…


Works for me too, I clicked the SDF Public Access UNIX System link and went to the screen with email and login for creating a Free UNIX Shell Account, a snip of both are below. It’s not clear what the problem is, for @KangJL and myself your site is working with no errors.


The image files i wanted to use are in but when i use any of those they don’t show up so that is why i had to upload them on my sdf server and the images are served from there. The local files are not showing, that was my problem and still is.

okay issue has been resolved. thank you.


the forum images as well as boxicons aren’t showing too, only images from other web servers are showing.

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