Hello @Admin ,

On the cPanel, I press CloudFlare → Choose a domain ( → I press Enable CloudFlare.
The error message is as follows: ERROR CLOUDFLARE: No user_key. No, the domain is not a subdomain. Yes, I just deleted/made sure of any other CloudFlare accounts on the domain. Also if that doesn’t work is there a way to have the domain on CloudFlare itself but have the domain still redirect to the website for example. etc

Our Cloudflare integration is not very stable so these issues still happen occasionally. However, you can also use the domain directly with Cloudflare.

Simply add your domain to Cloudflare and they will scan our nameservers for the required records and add the important ones. After that, you can change the nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. That way, you get the full benefits of Cloudflare, the only disadvantage is that whenever you add a subdomain through the hosting control panel, you need to manually add it to Cloudflare as well.