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Why does my page not want to open?

My page is about a smf forum that I am creating, and configuring the forum in its options, suddenly I got that message “No Sponsors”, I want to know what happened? because I can’t access.

Now I get:

"No Sponsors
This domain currently does not have any sponsors for you "

My Web:

But for me it wants to load. Of you’ve created your site for less than 2 days, consider to read this:


Since the web was online, I was browsing it and setting up my forum when I suddenly stopped seeing it.

So I wonder what had happened?

Is it normal to stop seeing when I was normal?

DNS caching is normal. Although it’s not very common to see your website work fine first and not work anymore later.

Did you switch devices or networks in the mean time? It’s possible that one device or network still has old cache while another one doesn’t. That’s why we say “up to 72 hours […] for everyone”, because it varies by device and network when the website is visible for someone.

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It works for a short time and the page falls again. Every day is the same. What solution could you give me for this?

This is what it shows me:

Try to clear your DNS & Browser cache.

I’ve already done it and nothing.

The problem is that it works every day for a while in the morning and then for a while at night.

From the rest, it remains fallen.

Is there any correlation between devices, browsers or networks where you experience this issue? Like it working fine or your phone but not on your laptop. Or you only see this issue on your school or work network, but not on your home internet or mobile connection?

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I have changed the dns, let’s see if this solves the problems a bit. but already before changing the dns the website has been activated again, hopefully this will solve the problem a little.

I’ll tell you how it continues to work

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