No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 122 when it ende

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Internal Server Error


No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 122 when it ended.

cpsrvd/ Server at

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This happens when trying to access the apps installer

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Please wait for half an hour and try again. The issue may have been resolved already.

Please share the website URL.

@PTCLAB11, the issue is with the control panel, not the users website, so a URL is not needed.


So i had too many files i guess. Anyways i have upgraded but getting the issue with inodes. What do i need to do now?

It appears your account has fully used it’s inode allocation, you will need to delete files to reduce inodes before the script installer will work, or upgrade to premium hosting where we offer over 400,000 inodes !

Then please setup your premium hosting account and continue from there!


This is a bad system if I pay and have no access to the premium benefits. I have tried to contact them with no reply. I would think that it would be a seamless process.

After you pay, a new account is created for you over at While your free account remains active, you should you your premium account to get all the benefits.


Sadly, it’s not. The free hosting platform right now is just that: a free hosting platform. The premium hosting features don’t exist in the free platform and would take an extreme amount of effort to implement. So to offer a premium service, your website must be migrated to the premium hosting platform.


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