No puedo subir datos de sensores Arduino en la Base de datos

No puedo subir y guardar los datos de un proyecto arduino a la base de datos sql. Estan bien configurados los php pero no llega nada a la base de datos. Si puedo hacerlo en 000webhost, pero no en infinityfree. A que se debe??

we’re not able to read every language! please speak in ENGLISH

i’m translating this:

I cannot upload and save data from an arduino project to the sql database. The php are well configured but nothing comes to the database. If I can do it in 000webhost, but not in infinityfree. For what is this??

and i’m pretty sure 000webhost is different than IF. what’s the problem? what’s the site link? what’s the error massage?

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However, MySQL remote access is not supported on free hosting. If you want it please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.

Ok, thank you for your help. It is a nonsense not to be able to do it, since I would like to try before being premium.
Thank you again

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