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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I Deleted the default index2.html page in htdocs folder. I have uploaded my index html page created in just notepad, and uploaded a few images, and a second html page.

I have waited in excess of the 72 hour DNS wake-up period for the changes to take effect. No changes have happened.

I am not using anything in my HTML pages that require anything other than basic html and css scripting.

If there is anything else I need to do or click to make the page show up I have not found it yet. I am sure it is not a DNS issue on my computer because the page does not show up on my phone or other computer either.

From this KB article:

What can I do to see my website faster?

InfinityFree updates your domain’s configuration almost instantly when you make the change. And if left alone, your website will be updated on it’s own automatically. However, if you want to get started with your website right away, there are a few things you can do to access your website right away.

Note that these workaround only work for you and the devices and networks you perform these workarounds on. Other people on the internet may still have problems accessing your website until their DNS cache has been updated.

Clear your computer’s DNS cache

You can clear your computer’s DNS cache to force your computer to look up your domain name again. cPanel has written instructions on how to clear DNS cache on various operating systems. You can read their instructions here.

Note that this will only clear the DNS cache on your own computer, not the cache with your DNS Resolver. If your DNS Resolver still has the old records cached, you will not see your website.

Edit your hosts file to override DNS settings

Instead of doing a DNS lookup, your computer also has a so-called hosts file. This file can point domain names to IP addresses on your own computer, and will be checked before any DNS lookup is done. So you can change the hosts file of your computer to point your domain name to your new IP address, before the DNS cache has cleared (or even before any DNS changes have been made).

HowToGeek has a great article on how to make changes to your computer’s hosts file here. You can find the website’s IP address to use by following this guide.

Switch to a better DNS resolver

One of the biggest problems with DNS caching is that DNS Resolvers can cache their results for a long time, and there is no way to clear their caches unless you operate the DNS Resolver yourself.

Fortunately, you are (generally) not forced to use the DNS Resolver provided by your internet provider. Many routers and most devices offer ways to configure your own DNS Resolvers. There are a few great DNS resolvers available for everyone to use. Many of these DNS resolvers don’t cache results as long as the resolvers operated by internet providers, and are sometimes even faster!

A few popular, fast and free DNS resolvers are:

Which DNS resolver is the fastest for you depends on your location and your network connection. In order to figure out which provider is the fastest (and check some other options) you can use a tool like Namebench to test and compare DNS resolvers.

Maybe I will check back in another month and see if anything has changed. As I said I do not think it is a DNS issue with my desktop computer. The page is not working on any of my other devices either. So I guess I will restart the hunt for another free place it just give up completely on the thought of having a simple “hey look at this” type page, I can send my friends to instead of sending them to facebook or youtube or linked in or any of the other places that want and require you to use their style, their format and all page looks are the same like back in geo-cities and angle fire days.

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Well, your website is working fine from here, so I if it is a hosting issue, I can’t reproduce it for myself.

If anything, I suspect it’s a problem with your network, not any particular device on that network. But a good way to verify that is to configure custom DNS resolvers and see if that helps. If you switch to Cloudflare’s or Google’s DNS resolvers and can reach your domain over them, then it’s a problem with your default DNS resolvers which either your network administrator or ISP should fix.

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